Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ethiopian Food! (Fassil)

I visited Fassil about a week ago and I had a good experience there.

The food there was unique. The gray bread is sour. You use it as a "spoon" to scoop the food. I ordered the Yebeg Tibs, Yberie Tibs and Doro Tibs. They are pretty good. You can choose between spicy and non spicy.

I didn't know what I should do at first. My friends and I went in, we sat down and the owner came out and greeted us.

He told us to order the "Tibs" for ourselves. But at the same time you should consult other people on the same table because you are sharing the bread and the "side dishes."

So when the food was served, we put all the "tibs" into the "sharing dish" and we use the bread to "scoop" the meat with the sauce. It tastes yummy but I had too much bread in the end and I gave up in the end-- I used spoon to finish my meat! =)

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